2016 Kawasaki ZX10R - It's bloody fantastic!

Today I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 2016 Kawasaki ZX10R Ninja and take it out for a ride! Of course while I had it, the camera came out for a few shots and I simply have to make this blog post about it. I absolutely love this thing and quite simply MUST HAVE ONE!

Look at it, just LOOK AT IT!!! Have you ever seen a machine that looks as stunning as this? Yes, the 2016 Kawasaki ZX10R Ninja is, I think one of the best looking bikes around at the moment. It just looks like an absolute beast! Especially in these colours. I just have to look at it for a few seconds then I get all excited and some wee comes out (does that mean I am getting old?!)

I took this bike out today, thanks to On Yer Bike near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire and had a great time riding it around some A and B roads to see what it was like. I knew it would be good, it's a brand new supersports bike, of course it will be good! I just didn't realise quite how good it would be. Having said that, it's the only brand new supersports bike I have ridden so plan to ride a few others so I have something proper to compare it to in the future!

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I arrived at the dealership all excited in the morning, eager to get the formalities out the way and let loose on the bike. After a quick check of my licence and signing some paperwork I was shown the bike and then left to my own devices :-) As soon as I sat on it I noticed the seat height felt quite high, I'm only 5ft 8 but didn't have too much of an issue as the seat is quite narrow. I very slowly and carefully rolled along to the juntion and out onto the open road. A couple of messy gear changes later and we were cruising along. Another thing I noticed straight away was the foot pegs were pretty high, alot higher then on my ZX9 and at first I wasn't very comfy and wondered how people with long legs would get on. I soon got used to the riding position though and fell in love with the bike.

The ZX10R weighs in at 210kg and produces 200BHP so naturally it is a very powerful machine and goes like sh*t off a shovel! There are a few different mapping options to vary the power. I had the bike in full power and traction control set to 5 (maximum setting). With all that power on board it needs to be able to stop well and the Brembo brakes are astonishing.

I took the bike round some roads that I know well so I could compare it to my ZX9. There is no comparison, the ZX10 is miles better in every way. I was of course expecting it to be better but didn't think it would be that comfortable. As it happens it is perfectly comfortable, surprisingly so for this type of bike.


The bike handles beautifully and just falls into the corners so easily. It gave me great confidence in my riding ability and was just so easy to ride. I expected this bike to be a bit of a handful but it isn't. It can be ridden gently or it can be ridden hard, and if you ride it hard it makes a superb noise! The induction roar this thing produces is meaty as hell!

Without doubt my favourite things about this bike are the induction noise, the looks and the handling. If I had to pick a negative I would say downshifting doesn't feel quite right for me. The gear shifter has to be pushed down a long way which I found a bit awkward at times. Having said that I am sure it is something I would become used to and I certainly would not let it put me off buying one!

Kawasaki ZX10R

So, am I going to buy one?! I would love to but I don't have a spare £14,000! Anyway I should really test out a few other supersports bikes first so I can compare it to something more on par. The BMW S1000RR is on the test list along with the Ducati Panegale and Yamaha R1. No doubt I will make blog posts for each of these once I have managed to get out on them!

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