A review of The Moto Seat Cover from Dry Patch Ltd

The Moto Seat Cover 1


Dry Patch Ltd are a new company producing products aimed at those who commute on two wheels. Biker's Hub got their hands on this, the Moto Seat Cover to see what's like and if it works! Read on to find out what we thought......

So, what is this seat cover then?

Well Dry Patch Ltd say "The Dry Patch Moto Seat Cover is a portable, post rain cover for your motorcycle or moped seat to keep your bum dry, comfortable and stain free"

So when you get to your bike and it's soaked with rain plonk this on the seat and you don't get a wet bum!

We've all been there, you're riding along after it's rained so your seat was wet and the water soaks through your troussers. It even manages to find it's way through the seams in your leathers and "waterproof" clothing and you end up with a bikers worst nightmare.... A wet crotch and backside!

So I like the idea of this seat cover and wanted to try it out....




What do you actually get?

The seat cover itself comes with a heavy duty, very well made carry case with a drawstring closure, carry handle and handy carrabiner clip. This is delivered in some rather fancy packaging which opens up to give you lots of information about how to use it. I was actually very impressed with the box as clearly a lot of thought has gone into it.

The seat cover is made up with 3 layers. On the bottom is a layer of chamois designed to soak up the water. In the middle is a layer of silicone to waterproof it and on the top is a layer of syntheic leather. The top on this seat cover is black however it's also available in brown.

The carry case measures in at 14x3 inches so it's easy enough to fit in your bag.


Moto Seat Cover 2

I have used this seat cover several times now after it's rained and it does the job well. I was concerned about it sliding around on the seat however the chamois layer is very grippy and it doesn't budge when you're sat on it at all.

I now carry this with me in my backpack on every commute I do just in case. It kept my bum dryer then my allegedly waterproof waterproofs, so if you don't like a water seeping through to your crotch and backside then this could your solution! It's RRP is £34.99 which for the quality of the product I think is reasonable. It works, is really well made and will last years!

If you fancy getting your hands one one of these then they're available from the Dry Patch website here.

Moto Seat Cover 4
Moto Seat Cover 3
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