About the UK Motorcycle Theft Protest

THE PUBLIC ARE AT RISK! Moped Enabled Crime and Motorcycle Theft has long been out of control on London’s streets. On Sat 1st April the UKMTP are staging an ‘Awareness Motorcycle Ride’ from across London to Parliament Square, to draw government and public attention to the problems highlighted below.

Moped Enabled Crime

Mobile phone, purse, wallet and bag snatches are being carried out by thieves on (usually stolen) mopeds on our busy streets in broad daylight!Mopeds are a very fast and agile getaway vehicle and because offenders are confident the Police either can’t or won’t pursue them, these robberies are becoming all to commonplace.

In 2011 there were 372 cases of Moped enable crime, in 2014 there were 1053 cases and in 2016 there were over 7,668 cases. These figures show that it is obviously out of control and the Police are powerless to contain it.

These shocking figures represents a rise of 600% and unless radical new policies are introduced the figure could possibly more that double in the next two years. This would mean over 50 moped enabled robberies per day in the capital alone!

Motorcycle Theft

Home Office figures show a 44% rise in motorcycle theft in London between 2012 and 2014 alone and those figures are growing rapidly. Gangs of armed thieves are stealing high value motorcycles in busy central London streets and are using knives and ices axes to attack and threaten the public if they dare to intervene. There has already been one killing and we fear more if the authorities don’t get a grip on this frightening situation.

The Met reported an arrest rate of only 5.4 % for theft of motorcycles in 2016.

Offenders don’t fear the Police because legislation governing pursuit means they are unlikely to be chased and because of this they consider themselves free to steal at will without intervention.

The Judicial system is failing to act as a deterrent, with many offenders being ‘let off’ with small fines and warnings whilst their victims are left out of pocket with hiked up insurance premium rises and large excess bills not to mention being hugely inconvenienced. Many riders can no longer get insured and have to give up biking all together.

A young motorcycle thief at the ‘bottom’ of the chain of organised motorcycle theft can easily make £2000 per night, the rewards far outweigh any threat of capture or punishment.


We are a non profit, self funded, volunteer organisation.

We are a fast growing group who aim to deter and prevent motorcycle theft and research and advise on motorcycle security. We aim to encourage change to laws and legislation in regard to moped enable crime, motorcycle theft, pursuit of offenders and prosecution.

Who do UKMTP work with?

M.A.G (Motorcycle Action Group), the UK’s leading rider’s rights organisation.

Met Police Organised Vehicle Crime Unit.

MCRG (Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group), a special interest group of the M.I.A (Motorcycle Industry Association).

Motorcycle manufacturers.

Security device manufacturers.

What do the UKMTP want?

For the Police to be given greater powers to pursue offenders on Mopeds and Motorcycles more easily and without fear of prosecution themselves.

For adequate, secure motorcycle and moped parking solutions to be introduced to be introduced nationally.

For the Courts to back up great Police with real solutions in the form of firm punishments that also act as adequate deterrents.

That Insurance companies are forced to end the practice of re categorising damaged motorcycle frames that are sold back onto the market to fuel the market in stolen motorcycle parts.

For the Courts to make offenders pay victims ALL out of pocket losses and expenses for ALL thefts, not just motorcycle and moped related thefts.

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