Calimoto - more than just a navigation app!

Here at Biker's Hub, we got our hands on Calimoto - a navigaton app specifically developed for motorcyclists. It's a bit more then your standard navigation application however with some major differences and extra features!

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Calimoto is free to download and once installed on your smartphone you then need to download the maps you want. You get one map free of charge and for us here in the UK the maps are split into regions. We chose to download a map for the south east. Maps are available for all over Europe as well as Latin America and Australia however if you want more then one map then that will come at a cost. At the time of writing this article it costs £8.99 per map or you can get all the maps for £29.99. Once the maps have downloaded you are good to go!

Calimoto has been made very much with us bikers in mind (in fact it's been made by 3 bikers). Instead of calculating the quickest route from A to B it will where possible, avoid motorways and busy city centres and instead navigate you on the most bendy roads possible to make for a more entertaining trip. As well as the navigation side of things there are some other features too.

Features on the app include "Round trip", "Navigate", "Tracking", "My tours" and "Maps". They are all easy to use and worked well during our testing.

Round trip:

This is a nice idea! If you fancy heading out for a ride you can use this feature and specify how far you want to ride. You can also choose what sort of direction you fancy going in and Calimoto will pick a route for you finishing up where you started from. You can adjust the route as well by holding your finger down on one of the blue marker points and dragging it on the map.



The navigation side of things, select a start point, select an end point and if you want to add a via points you can do that too. Once the route has been calculated, press "Start navigation" and you're on your way. The maps are clear throughout the navigation and move smoothly as you ride. On our first use of this there was no voice commands however that was quickly sorted after looking through the FAQ in the "Info" section of the menu. The app does not use it's own voice module but utilises the smartphones own text to speech module. In our phone settings we were able to update the language package and it then worked with no issues.

Once you start the navigation you can add points of interest which are saved within the maps. You can look for petrol stations, restuarants, cashpoints, hotels and motorcycle shops.


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If you know where you're going and don't need navigation you can use the tracking feature. This will plot your ride on a map and record the maximum speed of your journey, average speed, distance travelled, time, and maximum and minimum altitudes. This information is store in "My Tours" so you can look back over your route. Whilst Calimoto is tracking you are able to pause it should you need to stop off quickly for fuel etc....

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My tours:

This is where you tracked rides are stored. You can go in here and select one to look back over the data collected by Calimoto.

You are able to rate "fun factor", "scenery" and "road surface" out of 5 stars which could be handy when looking back to find your favourite routes. Not 100% sure how accurate the speed tracking is with the app as my bike speedo didn't read above 70mph on the ride shown on the left here (honest Officer!) however there is usually a small discrepancy between vehicle speedo readings and GPS so this is nothing to complain about really.


This is where all your downloaded maps are stored. Go in here to select which map you want to look at, simple. From here you can also plan a route by simple pressing down on an area of the map and then select "Set start". Then you can simply find the end point on the map and do the same but select "Set destination".

The app doesn't use any data, all navigation is done offline meaning you don't need to worry about your data usage on your phone. As this is offline navigation app, battery consumption is not too bad. I found that during testing the phone would go from a full battery to around 10% left after 2.5 hours. That's pretty good and gives around an extra 45 minutes from other apps I have used.

At the moment Calimoto is only available for android devices however there is an iOS version currently being developed which should be available around March 2017.

Overall a very impressive navigation app with some great extra features. If this was just another navigation app I wouldn't spend near enough 30 quid buying all the maps, however this isn't "just another navigation app". We like the fact that it picks the bendy roads. We like the "Tracking" feature and we love the "Round trip" feature too! I think it's a shame that the UK maps are split into regions but I think for around the 30 quid price of all the maps it's worth it.


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