Could Motorcycle Simulators Be Used In Home Exercise?

Virtual reality is changing all kinds of different experiences. The one that most people notice first is gaming, where a lot of genres are effectively being turned into simulations that blow our minds.

Take shooter games for example. They’re usually among the most popular console games, and most of them are built around a first person perspective. Naturally, that kind of perspective is all the more thrilling in VR, and we’re starting to see games that take advantage of that fact. Playing a shooter in VR now feels like some kind of blend between a video game and laser tag. Some other forms of entertainment are also being transformed. 

Some would consider the casino industry to be an independent business separate from conventional gaming, and it’s where some of the most exciting VR potential lies. We’ve already seen the introduction of live gaming options before VR came about, and now we’re going to be seeing simulations of full casinos through VR headsets. It’ll change the industry and probably make it more popular than ever.

Motosimulator 1

So, how does this relate to motorcycles? The obvious answer would be that there will undoubtedly be some very cool motorcycle simulation games in VR. But here we’re talking about something different. Just as virtual reality is transforming gaming and entertainment businesses, it stands to do a lot for home exercise, or possibly even gym exercise. And motorcycle action could be one way to do it. Way back in 2015 before VR as we know it today really took off, there were some exciting reports about a fitness machine powered by VR, or at least working in conjunction with it. It’s basically a full-body contraption complete with head gear, where you'll be presented with game-like scenarios in VR and move your body to interact. The machine is specifically designed to exercise different parts of the body, amounting to a comprehensive workout that feels more like a game than anything else. Could the same sort of machine not work with a motorcycle? Think back to when you might have played motorcycle games at arcades and theme parks. There’s actually a lot of core and leg strength involved in manipulating an arcade bike, not to mention tension in the arms as you steer and throttle. It would need to be tweaked some by fitness experts for maximum effect, but a motorcycle simulator doubling as an exercise machine could be incredible in virtual reality. We could go on scenic rides or compete in races all seen through headsets, and exercise in the process. And it would probably take up as little space as an exercise bike or treadmill in homes. It sounds like a slightly wacky idea right now, but don’t be surprised if you see something like this being developed in the very near future.

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