Could the Fashion Industry Bring Motocross to the Masses?

Photo by Dana Tentis CC0

Motocross racing may be a multimillion-dollar industry for those involved, but it hasn’t yet made its way over to the mainstream in the same way that Formula 1 driving has. This could be the year we see that change. It may feel like an odd match, but motocross style has recently made its way into the world of fashion. Catwalk shows from Vetements, Alexander Wang and Louis Vuitton were showcasing elements of the style from as early as 2016. However, it has recently really hit the spotlight with the March release of Rihanna’s latest Fenty Beauty x Puma collaboration.

The parallels between motocross racing outfits and the new Puma pieces are made startlingly obvious in the media campaign supporting the collection’s release. Rihanna and models appear draped over motorbikes kitted out in pieces from the collection which, minus the 6-inch heels, look like they’d be ready to hit the track in a second. Boxy leather jackets, boldly-printed jerseys and practical-looking trousers with plenty of pockets make up the look. There’s also brightly-coloured hoodies and sweaters, as well as a selection of skin-tight leggings and ‘cycle shorts’ emblazoned with Puma and Fenty text.

Back in September of last year, the world saw its first glimpse of the designs on a catwalk looped around a live motocross track. As models paraded for the audience, professional motocross riders performed tricks and stunts, both as a backdrop and as further evidence of where the inspiration for this latest collection came from. There’s no shying away from the fact that Rihanna and Puma have been inspired by the sport and want to tell the world.

Although some have been confused by the brand’s sudden departure from fluffy slides and award-winning creepers, it seems obvious that the bold, unapologetic style of motocross racing would appeal to a star who’s famous for her no-nonsense approach to life. After all, the determination—and sometimes unbelievable dedication—required to compete in motocross draws parallels with more than just the fashion world. One-time Slovakian motocross champion Lukas Hlavac turned his fearless resolve to the arena of online poker and won big time. Who’s to say that the same won’t happen with motocross as a sport? With the double-whammy of both an international superstar and an established sports brand behind it, motocross might be set for a dose of world-domination in 2018.

Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma S/S 2018 collection is to date the most high-profile example of motocross style infiltrating the fashion world, but it’s already spreading amongst other big brands, such as ASOS, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Supreme. This launch could signal the real start of the sport’s infiltration into the mainstream. Rihanna is one of the most influential musicians and style icons in the world, meaning that millions of her fans will now be exposed to the world of motocross, perhaps for the first time. The forthright, can-do attitude of racing perfectly matches up with the current vibe of the fashion world. Bold prints and practical fabrics and garments that don’t restrict movement combine to create pieces that promote desirable qualities like commitment, drive and focus. Not every Rihanna fan is going to become a die-hard motocross enthusiast, but this unexpected partnership will definitely help boost the sport to centre stage.

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