Keeping commuters dry from the bottom up'


Monday 24th October Sees the launch of Dry Patch®, the innovative urban lifestyle brand for commuters on two wheels, and its hero product The Moto Seat Cover (RRP 34.99). Understanding the frustrations of the casually dressed commuter, this design focused product, made from a unique 3 layer design of chamois, silicone and leather, clings to any seat, keeping clothes and bottoms dry after the inevitable UK rain deluge. When returning to their soaking bike the commuter simply slaps on the Dry Patch Seat Cover and off they go! No more soggy bottoms!

Gone are the days of plastics bags and soggy towels to protect your rear. The transportable and stylish Moto Seat Cover is designed to ergonomically fit any shape or style of seat and folds up into a small waterproof bag with carabiner clip ensuring ultimate ease in transportation. The base layer of the Moto Seat Cover is made from Chamois which soaks up water providing suction and grip to the seat. The middle layer is made up of medical grade silicone creating an impenetrable barrier between your rear and the water, whilst the top layer is finished with leather, providing a comfortable feel and fashionable look.

The ingenious simplicity of Dry Patch ensures the intrepid 2 wheel commuter is no longer punished for their traffic easing travel choice and can effortlessly transition from work to meeting or home without needing full leathers. Dry Patch will further be launching a range of design focused functional accessories making rides to and from work as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

Chris Gomez, CEO and Founder says “I have been a 2 wheel commuter for years on my Vespas, Triumphs and various bicycles as it is the easiest way to get around. It has never been about health or the environment for me, rather the best way of getting from A to B in London. Like most 2 wheel commuters now, I hate the idea of lugging around reams and reams of 'functional' kit and wanted to jump on my bike and go. I noticed there was a gap in the market upon seeing rows of bike seats wrapped in cheap plastic bags and people mopping them with filthy rags. I realised more and more people were looking for cool, functional, stylish commuter accessories allowing the freedom to jump on and go - and Dry Patch was born”.

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