Ludgershall Bike Night!

Ludgerhsall bike night was on yesterday so I went along to see what was going on and check out some of the bikes! Safe to say I wasn't disappointed :-)  I didn't even know I was going until half an hour before I was arriving! I had a phone call from the wife saying she was on her way home from work early to look after the girls so I could go, what a good old girl! Not only did I not know I was going I didn't really know where I was going, apart from Luggershall. Fear not though as I got close to Ludgershall I was finding bikers all over the place and just followed one in. It was impossible to miss really. The main road was closed off with marshells pointing us in the right direction. After I parked the bike up I had a wonder round and checked out the bikes!

This was the first time I had been to this meet before and it's a great event. There must have been around 400 or more bikes there of all different types from classics to modern supersports and custom choppers. Food vans, club stands and a live band was put on too. Amazing for an event with only a suggested £1 donation to attend. I enjoyed walking around and chatting to people and took a few snaps of some of the bikes. Slightly gutted however that I only had my phone (an old rubbish thing) to take photos with as none of my camera batteries were charged because I didn't know I was going! Anyway here's a slideshow with a few of those pics!





luggershall bike night

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