Where to turn to after a motorcycle accident

Biker's Hub Site Sponsor, Winn Solicitors, have written this article giving advice on what actions to take immediately after an accident. We hope you never need to use this advice however it's sad to say you never know when a car driver won't see you.....

Where to Turn After a Motorcycle Accident

While drivers on four wheels are protected by an increasing amount of safety-focused gadgetry and shielded by metal and glass, sitting behind motorcycle handlebars is a far riskier business. The latest full year road traffic accident figures from the UK government’s Department for Transport, show there were 365 motorcyclists killed in accidents in 2015, with 5,037 seriously injured.* Often such accidents are caused by careless car drivers who fail to detect motorcycles and, even at comparatively low speeds, the injuries sustained after hurtling over the bonnet of another vehicle can be life changing or fatal.

With the popularity of motorcycling prevailing and the volume of traffic on the roads increasing, the number of accidents with severe consequences among motorcyclists remains significantly high. Regardless of skill level, motorcyclists are still considered vulnerable road users. Even the most experienced of motorcyclists can be caught off guard by a careless driver, or other unavoidable hazard, so it remains vital that you know what to do in the event of an accident.

Remain calm and dial 999

While it’s easier said than done, try to remain calm and don’t panic. Make a note of the time of the incident and do not admit liability at this point. Call 999 to report the accident and move as far away from the main road as possible while you wait for the emergency services to arrive. Upon their arrival, give a full account of what happened to the police and ask for a copy of the report. Remember not to admit any fault at this point.

Exchange information and take pictures

Regardless of fault, it’s important to take down the names, addresses and insurance details of anyone involved in the accident. It is also worth taking the names and contact details of any witnesses who were there at the time. Be careful to preserve the scene by not moving anything and take lots of photos to document what happened. If this is not possible try to draw or sketch the scene as this could be very beneficial when making a claim if you were not at fault.

Contact a motorcycle accident specialist

Some accident management companies have specialist departments who deal specifically with motorcycle accidents. Winn Solicitors offer replacement vehicles that are guaranteed to be fit for purpose, while repairs are taking place – and where possible, a like for like vehicle will be supplied. They take care of every step of the handling of motorbike compensation claims in terms of equipment, just as they strive to make sure motorbikes are properly repaired and replaced.

Choosing the right company when claiming compensation after a non-fault accident

When attempting to claim compensation for non-fault accidents, motorcycling-specific conditions like biker’s arm – damage to the nerves in the upper arm following a fall - are often ignored by claims companies. In comparison, the specialist motorcyclist service offered by accident management firm Winn Solicitors takes such debilitating conditions and others – like road rash – into account. Legs and feet are also particularly vulnerable parts of the body for motorcyclists and motorbike foot injuries are also commonplace. Through its team of motorcycling experts, the group offers rapid medical assessment and treatment for the wide range of injuries sustained by motorcyclists on the road. It also recognises the importance of having bikes and protective equipment adequately replaced or repaired.

To find out more about its motorbike injury compensation and treatment processes, visit winnsolicitors.com, or find out how much compensation you could be entitled to by clicking here.

*Department for Transport – Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: main results 2015

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