Will this be the most advanced electric motorcycle yet?!

Still in the stages of development however this electric motorcycle called Vigo looks like it could just be the most impressive electric motorcycle to date......

Not tons of technical data is yet available for the Vigo motorcycle however it certainly looks promising! The stats in this article have been taken from the Vigo website

The manufacturers claim this electric motorcycle will have a huge range of up to 400 miles per charge, a massive amount more when you compare to other electric motorcycles currently available (currently the "long range" options have a claimed range of between 150 to 180 miles per charge). It's light too at 160KG and with a motor producing 90kW (equating to 120HP) it should be quick! In fact 0-60mph time will be 3.2 seconds and a top speed capability of around 180mph. As for the battery well that has a capacity of 21kWh and will last for 250,000 miles. 

Owners will also be able to synchronise the motorcycle to their smartphone meaning they can take advantage of GPS and tracking, adaptive braking, voice control, digital remote locking, and self inspection.  

So that all sounds great, but I can hear you asking "how much will it cost?" Well the estimated retail price for this motorcycle is £6000, so looks like it has the potential to be great value.

More info on this bike to come as and when we get the details!

vigo electric motorcycle

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