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On 29/03/2016 at 04:48

Well, I'll kick things off here with my blackbird. It's the first one I've owned of this model, an early carb version. I have found that Honda build quality is the best around, but like all bikes, the big H always seem to have the same Achilles heel, the charging circuit. It's usually the regulator/rectifier that fries itself, and the common reasons for this are a dying battery (causing it to work harder - and overheat - due to lack of cooling fins and that it's tucked away from any airflow behind the side panels) and dirty, corroding wiring contacts and/or faulty earth connection. All these things are easy to avoid, and there is a later model reg/rec available woith better cooling and ceramic components that fixes it. search out Jaws Motorcycles for more info.
This bike was a replacement for my 3rd Fireblade, as I wanted hard luggage for touring and had sold my FZ1 tourer and the idiots at Givi don't do a 'Blade rack. Awesome performance, 164BHP -and it really shows; such a smooth engine and the handling is like it is truly on rails.
We ('er indoors on her (T)rusty Kwacker and I) did a fast romp home from N Wales - 152 miles door to door in two hours 15 minutes non stop, with ease. That's comfort.
Mind you, my mates just bought another FZS Fazer 1000 - the first generation Fazer (and the best) his second - and am I thinking about getting another (that would be my 3rd?) Well, it IS the most awesome UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle) on the planet!
Life is a series of ever-faster bike journeys - as time begins to run out. But, I'm not finished yet...

On 29/03/2016 at 10:51

I haven't been riding very long and only on my 3rd bike now. My first was a Honda although it was only my little Varadero 125 that I rode around on my CBT for a while, it was a great little bike.

So the later model regulator / rectifier fits directly onto the earlier bikes?

That's a good run back from Wales!
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On 29/03/2016 at 20:00

Later reg/rec - It does fit any and all models. there are other upgrades; there is a loom fix for the later injection models, and a later Cam Chain Tensioner too. Like most bikes, if you join the relevant forum for that make of bike, you'll find kindly folk who post all these upgrades and where to get the bits.
Life is a series of ever-faster bike journeys - as time begins to run out. But, I'm not finished yet...

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