Buying/insuring a touring bike + travelling the globe aged 22

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I currently have no license or bike, I'm 18 years old on my gap year. I have been travelling in SE Asia for the last couple months, renting bikes almost every day. Most have been 650cc dirt or touring bikes. (Or 150cc mopeds in the city centres).

I am going to university once I finish travelling, and will get my A2 license as quick as I can when I return to the UK. By the time I finish uni I will have held my license for at very least 2 years (hopefully).

After university (aged 22) I hope to travel the world for a few years, maybe 5 or 6. For me the best possible way of doing this is on a motorbike.

What bikes would I be looking to reasonably purchase and insure, and how much does insurance cost?

After riding big 600+cc bikes for a while I am struggling to imagine doing long tours on anything less powerful. There are a couple of 660cc touring bikes in the A2 category which look absolutely perfect (eg. Yamaha 660 Tenere), and aren't too pricey (£5000 used), but I imagine insurance will be a metric f**kton.

Any advice is greatly appreciated :)

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Maybe look at the Honda cb500x, might be cheaper to buy and on insurance.

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a transalp 650 or a classic 600 xl
my 650 costs full comp £140 a year
the 600 would be cheaper as its a classic and averybody rides them all over the world so spare parts about.
cost of bike £800 pounds upwards.
hope this helps,
have a look at tpot 1 videos on youtube
he rode round the world,

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