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On 08/09/2018 at 10:56

Okay so having joined and introduced myself (just!), I thought I would contribute something that might be useful to some...Btw I have no affiliation with California Superbike School haha

So I'm sure most of you will know that CSS run training days (levels 1-4) at tracks around the world, I finding several each year in the UK. I did one in July at Donington Park and just wanted to recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their riding. I have only been on my bike for a year and a half but there were other much more experienced riders there and everyone said at the end that they had learned valuable lessons from the day. From my own perspective, I can honestly say that the day transformed my riding and, although still a novice with LOADS to learn, I already feel so much more confident on the bike and on the road.

If you're interested, Google it! The day is basically 5 lessons in the classroom interspersed with 5 sessions on the track, with a one-to-one riding coach throughout the day. It is not cheap (£450) - I basically did it instead of a summer holiday - but well worth it! I was worried about going to a track because I thought everyone would be miles better than me, but it was really friendly and supportive (even though lots of the other riders were faster than me!) and there was no pressure to go wilder than you felt comfortable to. In fact, as it was a learning day, they recommended riding at no more than 70-80% of capability.

Hope the info is useful to someone!


On 08/09/2018 at 12:45

Sounds great mate and something I will look into. Did you use your own bike or do they provide a bike for you?
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