Roadbase2017 Charity event in aid of National Air Ambulance week

On 04/09/2017 at 09:49

I don't know if you are aware but National Air Ambulance Week is fast approaching (11th – 17th September 2017)

To this end, I am delighted that my firm are supporting Dave Ascough and Daren Cox under the Roadbase2017 title, who will tour Britain raising awareness and much needed funds for the North West Air Ambulance Charity. In doing so, they are creating a package of routes and planning tips to inspire other riders from all over the country to follow their route and raise money for their own local Air Ambulance.

You may not be aware that the Air Ambulance received no Government financial backing but rely totally on donations, and so whilst they are raising money primarily for the North West Air Ambulance service, their primary aim id to raise awareness of all 17 Air Ambulance services around the UK.

You can read more here at

As motorcyclists, none of us know when we may be in need of the assistance and service provided by the Air Ambulance regardless of where you live, so I would ask you to support the guys and if possible put yur hand in your pocket and support them in reaching their target which is a modest £2,000, but the publicity is priceless.

As a firm, we have paid their overheads such as fuel, accomodation, meals, as well as IT expertise and I have sorted out sponsorship of bikes, kit and a few other bits and pieces.

So, please join us and help these guys get an important message out and raise the profile of the National Air Ambulance service.
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On 05/09/2017 at 00:12

Wow, that's a pretty serious ride and for a great cause too! I didn't realise the air ambulance had no funding :-( I will be donating shortly!
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On 05/09/2017 at 15:47

You can follow their progress on Twitter on @roadbase2017

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