What's wrong officer?

On 10/07/2016 at 21:19

So, I was on my way from a nice relaxing ride from Southend and noticed in my mirror a police vehicle following me for 5 minutes. Such a coincidence that he is going to same way but I was fine with it until I pulled up to some traffic lights. He went in the other lane and I heard "Excuse me mate"...

I pull up my visor and he says: "Just a couple of things mate, you were going fast on that roundabout" (Which I was going about 26mph since it is quite a tight turn and didn't want to lean too much because the floor isn't very nice, I doubled checked my speed and looked down twice before entering the turn)

"Umm, your visor is illegal".... Ok I thought he had me here, I've got a tinted visor but I do always carry a clear one with me just incase, that was completely my fault but what shocked me was this last thing he said:

"Sorry but that on the back of your jumper is wrong, stop giving wrong information out because filtering is illegal" (Spicy110's 'Yes, it's legal'/Lane Splitting hoodie. I did not want to say anything back since I was in the wrong with the visor so I played it stupid saying when I bought it online it said road legal... and I asked him if he wanted me to pull over since we were sat at a red light. His response was "No".

I wonder if I had a clear visor on that he would still of pulled up next to me and said about my jumper lol

On 12/07/2016 at 00:11

Oh dear.... I guess the roundabout speed thing is down to his own opinion of what he saw as everybodies perception is a bit different but only you know what speed you were actually doing as you checked your speedo!

As for the hoodie, well....... he's wrong haha
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