A little introduction...

On 29/03/2016 at 18:26


Just a quick message to say hi and also congrats to Mark, great looking site!

Hopefully will have fair bit of content coming up i can share with you guys along my journey into the biking world.

Biking history so far...

Started off on a yamaha TY80 trials bike at 8 years old.

Progressed onto a Yamaha FS1e at the age of 16 where i learnt the valuable lesson on what happens when you get the foot peg to hit the ground while going round a corner!

Spent the next 15 years promising myself to get back on a bike and get riding again!

Finally did my CBT a second time and bought a Chinese 125cc supermoto in preparation for getting ready for my test.
Realised the chinese 125cc was sh*t, so sold it!

Did my Theory ready to finally get off my arse and complete what i had been talking about for years.

And that is where i am at today! awaiting times and dates to finally book in my module 1 & 2 while swearing at myself for not doing it years ago when firstly it wasn't so stupidly complicated and secondly it wasn't so stupidly expensive!

Planning to attach a go pro for my journey to getting on the road on my own bike so hopefully will be able to share the story of success and joy, or maybe the story of me crashing and burning! either way it will be on film!


On 29/03/2016 at 18:37

Hey Ash, welcome to the site buddy, glad you like it!

Getting your licence is bloody expensive, sooooo worth it though Good luck with it mate, keep us posted with how you get on and hopefully you can share a story of success and joy instead of the latter one! Don't forget we have a vloggers sections you could make use of

All the best,

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