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On 14/10/2016 at 13:25

Hello, I'm Matt. I live in the North West of England and work in public services...

I started riding on a Yamaha DT 125 when I was 17, then moved on to a 1996 KLR 650 (that rattled itself to bits) and then a 1996 Honda CB400 superfour (an awesome and underrated little machine) bought for £800, ridden for two years as a commuter and then sold for £1200!!

I've now got a 2006 Honda VFR 800, which is a completely different beast altogether. I took her to the TT this year and had my first squeaky bum moment just before bungalow...

I'm looking forwards to chatting to people about touring, travel and track days... Id like to plan a few decent trips. One being the North Coast 500, then another to Germany or Spain at some point.

Are there any bike meets near me? Wigan area? I moved up here from North Wales (temptations of a woman) 4 years ago and hardly get out up here for pleasure, I always ride for an hour to the mountains for a play and then return home so would like to know what there is up north.



On 14/10/2016 at 16:40

Hey Mat, welcome to the site mate! That CB400 was a good investment

The forums are still getting going mate, have had a lot of new members recently so will put a post up in a bit asking people where they are from which will be a good starting point for people to arrange get togethers and chat about local routes etc.... I am going to plan the first Biker's Hub rally for hopefully spring time next year. Nothing too fancy, maybe a meet at a bike friendly pub, some food, music, drink and camp there over night for those who want to stay. Will be looking into this once I figure out where the majority of members are and find somewhere in the middle :-)
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On 14/10/2016 at 17:23

Hi Cheese!

Sounds like a plan. Ill keep an eye out for dates, locations etc.



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