Hello ... (hello hello hello)

On 29/03/2016 at 03:44

Wow that' some echo in here! It'll fill up, I'm sure! Good luck with the site, Mark
Hi, Toast here, an ageing biker heading for pension zone, as quickly as possible, currently on a blackbird.
I have a camouflaged-out winter hack XJ900S too. But, always liable to change as I am a serial bike buyer - my worst year was 13 bikes bought and sold - coz I get bored easily!
About the only two marques I've not owned are Ducati and Indian, owned just about everything else in the last 41 years of biking.
I've been a despatch rider, HGV driver, motorcycle instructor and driving examiner too so pretty much earnt my living on the roads.
Oh, and I'm an insomniac which is why I'm sat here writing this at 4am! It's a good time to go riding - the roads are clear and the forces of blue evil are at the all-night burger stands!
Just got back from one of our wettest-ever rides to North Wales so it is bike washing day today. BIG Whoop.
Rubber side down, always!
Life is a series of ever-faster bike journeys - as time begins to run out. But, I'm not finished yet...

On 29/03/2016 at 10:34

Hey Toast! Thanks for joining and posting. There certainly is an echo at the moment but hopefully that will go away soon!

Out of interest, any reason for not having owned a Ducati or Indian? Based on what you have said sounds like you might be changing your Blackbird soon haha. Oh, and nothing wrong with being up online at 4am especially if your on Biker's Hub!
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