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On 29/03/2016 at 13:03

Everyone loves a bargain, right? Maybe not so much in the world of protective bike gear. It seems that to prevent the scrambled eggs, sausages and tripe under our skin from bursting out and making a mess on the road, we have to spend a fortune. But do we REALLY?

Aldi, yet again, are selling bike kit. This time round, I thought I'd give it a bash because I for one am fed up of spending a fortune on kit. First up, the jeans. They are double stitched, not triple stitched, but you cant expect more for the price. The stitching appears of a good quality. They've even survived there first wash with no stay threads appearing. As a bonus, they also faded a little, so now they don't look like my mum's denims.


There are two whacking great inside pockets with velcro tops to keep your iPhone 6 extra large plus, old fashioned police baton, or 'black mamba' if you are inclined to do so. They are BIG pockets. The knee pads, much to my surprise, are removable so although CE rated, could be removed and replaced if you really wanted to. Being a bit of a skinny bloke, my legs are a bit like spaghetti in a tube wearing the jeans. This makes me wonder if the knee pads would actually serve any purpose if I came off, as the pads would likely flap round all over the place rather than stay put on my boney knees. That would NOT be good.

The other achilles heel has to be the lack of protection on the hip and arse areas. These areas have a further layer as opposed to the single layer of fabric on the calves and shins, but I'm not sure how they would hold up against tarmac.

I got mine for £30 so I'm happy with the quality at that price point. However, I don't have 100% faith that they would do a great job of looking after my skin in a spill. I'll be using them for quick blasts on nice days. Anything longer, I'll stick to the leathers just for peace of mind. And yes, I have countered my own argument. You DO get what you pay for.

On 29/03/2016 at 16:38

Nice review John, they don't look too bad for 30 quid! If being skinny means they are a bit baggy then I would imagine my legs would be like a worm wriggling around in the Dartford tunnel (sadly, not the first time I have heard that phrase! )
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