On 09/04/2016 at 14:25

I have used Caberg helmets for years. A few years ago Hein Gericke had an offer where you could trade in any old lid and get 0% on a balance. I also had 3 lots of Father's day vouchers to contribute. Went in and tried a wide and varied selection of flip fronts and was convinced the HJC RPHA Max was a good helmet, it was the best part of £400 so it should be. Well I did think it was noisy but otherwise ok. A couple of months later when returning from a ride out I closed the flip and set off, there seemed to be a problem so I stopped and removed the helmet to discover the hinge had sheared at one side. HJC repaired the helmet and said "We haven't had this fault before but we have fitted the new stronger parts"! And since then it has done it's job.
Problem. I need a new visor and pinlock. Cost over £70. Now I think that is excessive and looking around and using the right retailer NICHOLAS NOBLES in Bradford I can have a new Caberg Duke for twice that. The HJC is at the end of its recommended life so its now uneconomic to replace the bits. Also on The Sharp scale the HJC score 3 stars

My partner and I now have the Caberg Dukes with the Caberg intercoms in and feel safe in the knowledge the visors are cheaper and our heads are protected by 5 star protection. The Cabergs are comfortable, the intercom copes well al legal speeds so why spend more.

Shop around and bear in mind the cost of replaceable consumables before deciding where you spend your hard earned money.

On 09/04/2016 at 14:49

Good post there. I have heard good things about Caberg helmets although never tried one myself. I have a Shark just now which I am quite happy with although it does let in quite a bit of wind from under the chin even with that wind guard thingy fitted. How do you find the Caberg in terms of letting wind in?
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On 09/04/2016 at 20:25

Not had a problem with wind, don't even use the chin guard thingy lol

On 14/07/2016 at 11:10

RPHA - very noisy lid, it is small outside area for the inside size but... The Noise! Those vents do howl... I had the previous offerings from HJC FG15 & 17 - both better lids than the RPHA. My wife concurs about the noise level.
I only use the RPHA 10+ for local rides....
Also, Flip front lids are inherently nosier than standard full faces, My Caeberg too - but my Box & my Nolan are bloody awful in the extreme. Best of my flippers in recent years is my Nitro.
I do use earplugs too.........
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On 22/07/2016 at 09:38

I tried on one of the Caberg Duke helmets the other day. Seemed very comfortable and had some great features. Sadly the fella in the shop thought I was between sizes though. I was very tempted until he said that.
I'm tempted to try on a Shark Evoline 3 next. Anyone had any experience with one of those?

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